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Kylie Martin Virginia Film Photographer


I am Kylie, a modern fine art film wedding photographer living on the east coast. When I am not off photographing an amazing wedding you can find me drinking champagne  and poorly singing Taylor Swift songs. I've been known to frequent Target as well. I am a wife, mom, and fur baby enthusiast with a love for Jesus. 

My philosophy is simple, connecting is the biggest factor in my art form. Creating and connecting go hand in hand for me. I want to know you and your story. Finding the right photographer for you is just as important as finding the right client for me. We need to fit. My brides are tasteful, they are visionaries, they crave authenticity, they are about the experience and they are a hell of a good time. 

Let's chat. Let's connect. Let's capture. 

Named Emerging Film Photographer of the Year by Belle Lumière Magazine for 2015 and named one of the top wedding photographers of the east coast by Mod Weddings.