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Primally Pure // Review

I consider myself to be a healthy person, I workout four to five times a week, I have celiac disease so all fun food goes out the window and my daughter is allergic to dairy. AKA junk food is real hard to come by for me. If you looked at our menu on paper you might guess that we lived out of 1965 Volkswagen Van and did yoga daily. Not the case. "Crunchy" is not the word I would use to describe myself. I take Ibuprofen when my head hurts, I have digested an unhealthy amount of hairspray in my life and you will never find me paying $6.00 for organic bananas. I may not care where my bananas originate from or if they had a humane upbringing but I do care about what I put on my skin and what goes on my daughter's skin.

My daughter (Hadley) who is nine months old now and the proud owner of four teeth has had skin issues from two weeks old and on. When I say skin issues I am not referring to your run of the mill baby eczema. I am talking about red patches of skin that were completely raw and bleeding. We learned quickly that dairy contributed to this flare up so I was instructed to remove it from my diet completely (R.I.P. cheese nights.) We were also given multiple steroid ointments to help keep the rash at bay. P.S.A. I believe in medicine when it's necessary and in this case it was 110% necessary. The steroid and diet change seemed to clear her up for the most part but her skin would randomly flare and no amount of ointment, lotion or oatmeal baths would do the trick. We tried every brand in the book, Aveeno, Dove, The Honest Company, Eucerin, Aquaphor, coconut oil but nothing outside of the steroid would calm her skin. Insert major mom guilt. I constantly stressed over her rash, and whether applying a steroid to her sweet little baby skin every couple of days was the right choice.

Cue to months later when I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram during a midnight feeding. My good friend, Caroline Potter (the babe that wrote The All American Paleo Cookbook) had an "Insta Story" about a new natural deodorant that she a had tried. Let me take you on a quick bunny trail, I have always loved the idea of natural deodorant (breast cancer runs in my family and even science admits that deodorant can contribute to this) I have tried about every $15 dollar brand that Whole Foods has to offer. On top of spending what could have funded a small vacation on natural deodorant, I have always walked away three hours into the day feeling slimy, oddly sweaty and smelling of what I can only assume is baking soda mixed with some type of scallion. One word: EW. Back to my late night Insta binge... Caroline is my type of gal, she is a no nonsense person and I fully trust her feedback so I was drawn into her blog where I read about the magical unicorn she had discovered. Even though I trust her, I was insanely skeptical. Nothing could outshine my husband's stick of Old Spice Denali (yes, I am that gross and yes, I need strong deodorant in my life.) I was intrigued so I decided "hell, what's another $12 on deodorant." I eagerly awaited the arrival of my magical, armpit fighting stick and couldn't wait to try it out. I opted for "Lavender" after wearing Old Spice for far too long, I was trying to reclaim some of femininity. When it arrived I wasted no time putting it to the test, I applied and then decided to go on a midday run in 85 degree weather with 90% humidity, because I don't play around and apparently I enjoy misery. You guys, no one was more shocked than me when I came back and didn't stink. That wasn't enough though, I decided to take it to the next level and mow our 1.5 acre lawn before committing to a shower. Once again, the deodorant worked. If I could achieve the coordination to master a cartwheel I would have done one right then and there. I have worn it everyday since and have not once had a smelly breakthrough. It feels nice (not slimy) and I only have to apply it ONCE a day. As opposed to some deodorants that required hourly application. 

Back to Hadley, after my success with said miracle deodorant I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try some other other items by Primally Pure. They were so kind and sent me a plethora of items to try out. First up, "Baby Balm" and "Baby Oil" I had zero expectations when it came to trying out the baby line, because nothing in the past had ever worked for Hadley. We decided it couIdn't hurt to try, afterall there was nothing toxic in it so there was no risk involved. We started the baby balm right away and applied it to her red patches and along her scalp where a lot of her scaling (gross) would occur. We would apply the baby oil after bath time to her whole body. P.S. the baby oil smells heavenly. After a few days of applying her redness went away completely and has not reoccured since. It has been two months since I have had to use her steroid cream, not even kidding. I cried you guys. I can't explain the relief I felt when this happened. You can't even see the damage that was once on her face from the reoccurring rash. I was so excited that I contacted Primally Pure (Bethany) immediately and told her how much the balm had helped. PSA I am not claiming that this balm cures eczema because every baby is different but in our case it helped tremendously. Since then, we have switched out her baby powder and done away with the pharmacy of lotions we owned for her. We won't go back.

After this we were hooked on all things Primally Pure. My husband switched to their deodorant, and lemme tell you guys if a dude that spends all day outside can wear this deodorant and not smell than anyone can. I also started using their body oil for adults and body butter. I am not typically a fan of lotion, I know my skin needs it, I know it will make me look younger one day but I hate lotion. It's oily and it makes my dog want to lick my legs. No progress has been made in the dog department but I absolutely love the body butter. It's silky smooth and doesn't feel too heavy on my skin. I save the oil for after showers and it's grand. If heaven had a scent citrus and jasmine body oil would be the name. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I don't identify as "crunchy" I prefer to call myself "scrunchy" a nice mix between silk and crunchy. After trying product after product backed by science and medicine with no success we have started to make the switch to using natural products that work. When nature works better than science we will always go the natural route. Our experience has only been positive and I trust Primally Pure, all of their ingredients are listed on their website and they have been nothing but forthcoming about product usage. I love the idea that we know what we are getting and don't have to be concerned about it's ingredients. 

Before you ask yourself "is she getting paid to post this?" no I am not, I simply love our results and want to share our experience as well as bring attention to a great small business. I just placed an order for their "Cleansing Oil (acne prone skin)" and "Rose Mint Complexion Mist." I think it's safe to say I am hooked. 

Cheers to good skin, not stinking after a run and avoiding the Whole Foods deodorant and body wash section. 

All products can be found on Primally Pure